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are you considered heavy if?

Are you considered heavy if you are in normal weight and even under weight but are skinny fat, severely lacking muscle but is much smaller than people calling you cow and heavy? or is it just an excuse to call me that cause they see I am not fit even though I am small? and I don't eat meat so how do I get out of this skinny fat. Lifting dumb bells and using ankle weights?


Skinny fat is you can get into a size small and size 3, be slim but lack lean muscle so you're all flabby and look it up online. You can be at a small weight but lack muscle so your body isn't firm and lean looking even though you're small and not big

Update 2:

I was down to 100 pounds in a size 0 and I still had full large b r e a s t s and flab but was so tiny people thought I was sick and randoms at the gym and in passing were still calling me "heavy" so yes BULLIES I think  use this as a all purpose insult  have to know when I look good cause they'd love to put me in a grave. Why not bother people who are massively big? not just a little flabby? I am quite small and even when they are obese they call me fat names and most are bigger than me 

Update 3:

what's weird is why are they so obsessed with my body instead of worrying about theirs. Seems like the thinner I get and work out, the harder people look and when I turn side ways if the side of my thighs are not like a string bean, "heavy" or my  r e a r e n d moves slightly,  "heavy" like nobody's b e h i n d is like a rock. it's like they're sick in the head and massively mad and jealous

Update 4:

I will give you another example. I started a job and a OBESE woman in charge of the marketing room began being hostile to me from day one. She could not speak to me in a normal manner, the owner was in denial. She was in the kitchen and at this time I was having grapes and a cucumber sandwhich, living on fruits and low fat frozen dinners. She says to the chubby co worker about me "she never eats for like a month' a couple days later I come in and she says low "she's gaining weight HEAVY'

Update 5:

continue - so first complains I look like I don't eat and then calls me "heavy" in not even a week later when either what I was wearing made me look heavier or I had some fries and it bloated me, but not call the chubby co workers in there "heavy" and be obsessed with their bodies and she was OBESE. not normal, this is what I've been going through. and accuse my real hair of being a wig 

Update 6:

I had to quit the job, the woman was going nuts, she pass me and call me 'slut" "ugly" kept yelling at me

Update 7:

It's ridiculous. Every job I work mostly are over weight women and it's always an attack and obsessive remarks about my looks and body which has nothing to do with them.  I'd be walking minding my own business and randoms stare hard and talk under their breath, call me fat names and other names regardless how small I am

Update 8:

and staring at the top of my head and because they don't see brown roots cause I am a natural reddish blonde and lighten my hair to light blonde, they say "wig" when you can clearly see MY SCALP and I am fair skin with blue eyes. 

Update 9:

if I am not one inch wide while I do have an extremely small waist with slight curve to my hips and they are massively wider all the way down and it's a isle or side walk and they have PLENTY of room to walk by they will act like I am taking up all the space and call me "heavy" and if I was so massive I wouldn't be fitting in size small tank tops and leggings 

Update 10:

or "cow" and they are fat and way bigger. 

Update 11:

and I had a car accident and was going to therapy for my back and they commented how unusually close my rib cage are to each other,  thus giving me a tiny waist, this happened obviously during fetal development of me, not that I am "starving"  people have been psychotic about my body and I am not imagining all this, my mother saw plenty with her own eyes

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    You're mixing up different issues and terms -- and so are you're bullies.  The word "heavy" has do to with actual weight or mass.  Clearly, someone is not "heavy" if they are underweight.  Subjective adjective that can describe someone who is unfit can be flabby, plump, chubby, tubby, etc.

    Don't let other people hurt your feelings.  If you don't like your level of fitness, change your habits.  There are all kinds of exercises that will help you increase your endurance/fitness, and your body composition.  

    For fitness, you can do any type of aerobic/cardio activity you want: swim, ride a bike, run, row, dance, etc.

    To develop more muscles you have to work those muscles.  You can do bodyweight exercises or do yoga, plates, or ballet.  There are lots of workout online, on YouTube, and in books at your library.

    As for diet, if you eat mostly grains, you're more likely to have more body fat.  Read some books on be a vegetarian or keto-tarian, and try to increase the percentage of your diet that provides protein.  Consider eating eggs and dairy or even fish.  Of course, that's entirely up to you . 

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    Take the weight off your mind:

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    What in the hell is skinny fat?

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