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Are some people purposely nasty to you at work in order to get you to quit?

You know the type of coworkers who are rude to you but not others? Why else would they be rude to you if you have had very little to no interaction with them before, and then suddenly there is always something wrong whenever you are around?

Is it best to ignore these people and be grateful you have a decent job while pretending they don't exist? Or should you address the rudeness to a superior if they said something that could cross lines with someone else? Ex; saying racist, bigoted or sexist phrases while you are around?They don't say them to your face but they mumble them under their breath when you are both alone.

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    This behavior comes down to individual intention/purpose. If you feel a co-worker is singling you out and you are being impacted, have a conversation with your Manager and share your experiences. If you feel your co-worker has crossed/violated a professional boundary, speak with your HR Department. Some people in the workplace will behave in a certain way to bring attention to themselves, deliberately create scenarios where others are uncomfortable/embarrassed and in the extreme, structure a hostile workplace for the sole purpose to cause someone to leave.

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    You need to confront this person first before going to your boss that will for sure make things worse, the way to deal with bullies is to stand up to them and not take their crap, they won’t back off if they know you will let them and going to the boss will make you look weak, it’s hard but you gotta stand up to them, afterwards if they still keep doing it then go to your boss especially if it’s affecting your work performance don’t let that ******* cost you your job.

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    Report them.Just report them to upper management.

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    It sounds to me like it is already time to talk to a superior about this. If they are any good at all at their job they will take this seriously. Maybe you could try recording them the next time you are alone with your phone to present as evidence. If they do mumble something ask in a clear voice "I'm sorry what did you say?" They may actually be bold ( or stupid )enough to say it out loud!

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