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is hsv-1 a big deal?

Recently I had to go to the hospital because I had sores all over my vagina/vulva. The doctor told me I was infected with herpes and that I should’ve worn a condom. I was very confused because I always did and my boyfriend is loyal I couldn’t ever picture him cheating on me. The doctor called me and told me I was infected with hsv-1. It occurred because he went down on me with cold sores. Everyone told me that hsv-1 isn’t a big deal and it’s way less worse than type 2. However since I have it genitally do I still have to wear a condom and tell my future partners that I have genital herpes? Is hsv-1 actually less worse than hsv-2. Please just normal answers. I already hate myself enough.

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    You have genital herpes and yes it is a bigger deal than oral herpes. Sexually transmitted diseases have a social stigma while oral herpes does not. 

    There is no difference between HSV1 and HSV2 and both can become severe. You can transmit HSV1 sexually and will have to tell any future partners just like if you had HSV2. There can be possible complications and implications if and when you become pregnant and that would need to be monitored. 

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  • 2 months ago

    scientifically, most of the population has herpes and doesnt know it.

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  • Dayton
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    It says online HSV 1 is a very common viral infection that causes cold-sores

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