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im 14 and virgin and only kissed 2 ppl and im girl and my bff/ cousin (we share EVERYTHING TOGETHER, drinks, food, towels, clothes, utensils, everything, we cuddle when going to sleep, we take baths together (ik we are old but we did it since babies so we're used to it) and we were scrolling through our old cringey musicallys probably 2016-17 and she said "oh thats from when i had a cold sore" and i said "wait isnt that a type of herpe"" and she said "no its not that" and i asked my step dad and he said any cold sore is herpes! (she is also virgin and never kissd before) I COULD HAVE IT :( now im scareed cuz they can ruin your whole life, right? and im too scared to get blood tested too because im VERY afraid of needles, every time i get my blood taken i need like 7 doctors to hold me dow n because how scared i am.! and my bf will break up with me probably ( we havent kissed) cuz i told him asking him what i should do and now im so scared!!!!!! :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((


btw i am always stressed, have low immune system and have heavy period and stuff so should i have had a cold sore by now cuz i never had one before

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    Unless you kissed him on the mouth while he had a cold sore, or if he gave you oral sex while he had a cold sore you're unlikely to have it. You would have to share things like utensils, cups or straws while he had a cold sore to get it like that. You're not likely to get it from taking baths together or sharing other objects. Also you can get oral herpes while you're a virgin. Most people get it by being innocently kissed on or around the mouth, by a close friend or family member that has it. 

    If he breaks up with you over cold sores, he's not the one you want to be with. You would have the same thing if you do get it (you could have contracted it from him) so it would be kind of pointless to break up over that. 

    Oral herpes doesn't ruin your life. You get an occasional cold sore, if you get break outs. It doesn't do any thing else to your health.

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    Oh for heavens sake calm down. There is a possibility you didnt catch it at all, if it was that long ago. But no, oral herpes (cold sores) will NOT ruin your life as a huge number of the population has them, you manage them with meds.  Dont get blood tested, its useless, if you have no lesions. why would your BF break up with you, other than you seems to be making a huge crisis here?  Cold sores are common, he breaks up with you (at age 14!!!) then he has a lot of growing up to do. But the bottom line is, you have never had an outbreak, so why worry? Dont bring it up either as you have no idea if you remotely even have this (doubtful).

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