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Is my Ex boyfriend trying to manipulate me ?!? ?

He broke up with months ago and I begged for him back for a while but I eventually got over it and it’s seems that whenever I try to stop talking to him he finds some type of excuse to return back into my life and when I call him out on it he reverses the situation and “gas lights” me to make me think I’m crazy . I’ll give you two examples, 1. he worked at McDonald’s and I just so happened to be in the drive thru one day and a friend of his sees me and runs to tell him I’m out there. He comes up to the window where you pay and speaks to me and later on that day I asked him “what made you want to come to the window to talk to me ,did you he miss me ?” And he lied and told me he had to tell the guy in the window something and I argued with him for days about how that was not true and finally he admitted to lying about that. Then recently I get a text out of no where from him and he said something about accidentally calling me , but I never got a phone call at all from him ( obviously  he just wanted an excuse to text me ) and when I pointed that out to him that he never accidentally called me he got all defensive and blocked me off everything. Im going mentally crazy ... does anybody know what the hell his problem is ?!?

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    He is a immature jerk who does not want to commit to a relationship at all yet if you start to move on, he is back to make sure you can't and keeps you on you toes, by keep you uncertain.  I would just dump his sorry *** and move on permanetly and not let him affect my future.  You deserve someone who will respect your feelings and be mature enough to commit to you if he feels love for you.  This guy just wants to take advange of you just being around whenever he wants.

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  • 1 month ago

    too much b.s.  god.... everyone in my life ,family and friends is telling me it's all BS too stop  feeding into it, but i know it's tough to stop.  if it's meant to be it's meant to be, the best advice i can give you is this. it's helped me through my 3 year relationship break up and this girl keeps coming back and ending it with me for good, almost went  to  a hospital, almost lost my job. "It's not something i can control so why stress over it. it's pointless to worry about something you have no control over, do you and if it happens it happens if not then w.e  she's not the only girl in the world and for you he is not either, don't play his games. honestly idk what's going on with him but you don't  need to figure that out, he has his own issues

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  • Janet
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    He is trying to manipulate you. But not to get you back and not for the sake of manipulating you.

    He doesn't like to think that you could once like him and now no longer like him ... this threatens his sense of self-esteem. He doesn't want you back .. he just wants to continue in the delusion that you think he is SO great that you will never be able to stop wanting him.

    This is his problem. Refuse to play along with it.

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