What can it be?

My two year throws up at night only what can it be because throughout the day he is fine he is running and playing around and he eats perfectly fine. Even when he naps he is okay but when it comes to the night when he is in bed that is when it starts that he throws up a lot then when he is finish he goes back to bed and then he is fine. He doesn’t throw up at all only once but I have noticed that when he is sleeping when he farts they are really stinky. What can it be?

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  • PR
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    1 month ago

    If your son had milk, just before bed, perhaps he is sensitive to that and it is not digesting properly, or he is eating too much just before bedtime. The fact that he is not only vomiting, but farting might suggest a connection in this.

    Try not giving milk, or whatever he has eaten just before bedtime. Besides NOT giving whatever he normally eats or drinks before bed, try waiting or a longer span between eating and his laying down.

    I would consult with the doctor if it continues. There certainly might be disorders that could be connected with these symptoms and talking with the  doc, would be a good step in resolving this. I don't know if a child can have hiatal herna . . . 

    ADDED: Make the span longer from whatever he last ate, AND, I would consult with the doctor. It would be concerning as a parent, if the child is actually vomiting or regurgitating while laying down or sleeping. He might choke.

    If he does better sleeping in a "reclined" position, you need to look up "hiatal hernia" but CALL HIS DOCTOR. Only the doctor can diagnose whatever is going on. 

  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    The vet will tell you once you take it down to see them and they can examine/test the cat

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