Uber cash on but keeps trying to use card?

I have $50 uber cash, when i try to order an uber to take me somewhere i make sure the cash is enabled to pay for the ride yet when i try to order it uber tells me my card was declined. It is true my card has no money however that's why i have uber cash. What's the point of having it if it still tries to charge my debit card...

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  • 1 month ago
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    Uber requires an actual debit or credit card on file as a backup form of payment, even if your ride would be fully covered by an account credit (such as uber cash balance) or a promotional offer of some kind.

    If your ride ends up costing more than the estimated fare (for example if there's heavy traffic) or if you do something like cause damage to the driver's vehicle, they will charge that backup debit/credit card for whatever isn't covered by Uber Cash.

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