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Is Easter the end of the Ash Wednesday and Mardi Gras season?

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    2 months ago
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    No.  The end of the Mardi Gras season is Ash Wednesday.  If you are in New Orleans, you can show your boobs at 11:59pm on Fat Tuesday, but at the strike of midnight when it becomes Ash Wednesday, if your shirt is still up, some cop will be thumping you over the head with a billyclub, cuffing you, and having you sent out to the floating barge jail they keep in the middle of the Mississippi for Mardi Gras.

    Ash Wednesday starts lent, which runs 40 days to represent the fast of Jesus Christ, which is why people give stuff up for lent, because it is a form of fasting.  That's why Fat Tuesday, because everyone is trying to get in all the stuff they'll be giving up for lent.  Lent ends at midnight on the Thursday before Good Friday, meaning as Thursday turns into Friday.

    Good Friday is the beginning of the Easter Mass.  It observes the Friday on which Jesus Christ was crucified.  Easter Day is the following Sunday and observes the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No it is the beginning.

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