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Is this cute?

"Sweet dreams, buddy"

You're so huggable when you're asleep

Like a tiny baby sheep

With a big pink ribbon around his neck

I just wanna give you a peck

On the cheek

Sweet dreams, buddy

You look as tranquil as a tree

But as cuddly as a bunny

Sweet dreams, buddy

You're so sweet when you're asleep

Like the three-month-old puppy I keep

It's cute when you drool and your snore

I adore

Sweet dreams, buddy

So clueless and innocent

All consciousness absent

So quiet and helpless

So thoughtless and senseless

That you could be kidnapped and not even realize

Until you open your eyes

Sweet dreams, buddy

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    that last bit was a tad disturbing.............

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      Thanks I'll revise it

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  • 1 month ago

    Then the devil taketh him and and delete him on a pinnacle

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