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Name of Best PCOS Specialist doctor in India?

 Dr Shabnam is the only best PCOS Specialist in not only Delhi,India but also on world level. My periods we're very irregular from last 3 years after marriage with so much hair loss. We we're planning to conceive but unable to do that. We belong to Gwalior. Consulted here to many docs . My homeopath doc said my ovaries are swollen and gave me Treatment for 1 year ,it was too costly too ,cost does not matter but I was not getting releif. I came to know about Dr Shabnam from net. Planned to visit her clinic. They asked us to come at least for 2 days. On visiting she saw all my prescriptions and then said you have not even investigated properly. She did few tests. Next day we had a very good pcod counselling session which was eye opener for me. She is  different from other doctors who just write medicines , never explain things properly. She is really involved very much in her patients to treat her.She explained all natural methods in detail to do. We continued to visit her every 2 months as every time we get something from her and we get courage to combat from our problem. After 6 months of problem Treatment , medicines as well as natural whatever she advised ,we became pregnant. Now it's 4 the month running. I really want to thank to such a wonderful and PCOS expert Gynaecoogist in India who is not only a best Dr but also very good human being also.

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    The Ketogenic Diet is one of the best things anyone can do if they have PCOS

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