How do I create a website that allows users to design a room?

I have experience designing Wordpress sites but what I want to creat next seems like it might be too complex for Wordpress. I want to create a site that has a drag and drop function where users can create and design a room (ie. using furniture, rugs, etc.). 

Would I be able to do this using Wordpress? Is there an alternative to Wordpress that I could use? I currently use Dreamhost for web hosting. 


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  • 3 months ago

    You would need to first make the website, then make the room designer seperate, as a game and embed it. If you do that, I suggest using whatever will replace flash. To actually design the game, give the player options and allow each sprite to move when clicked, maybe include buttons that change the costums for different colors and designs, and finally add a button that will screenshot it, and allow another place where people can send their saved images to you, if you like.

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  • Chris
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    Using Wordpress means you can use a shortcode to insert arbitrary HTML content in a page, and a child theme's script to insert JS code. That's the easy part.

    The hard part is everything else. 2D / floor plan is going to be easier than full 3D but both are doable of course, provided you have the necessary programming skills.

    We can't tell you the required steps in a yahoo answer though, we'd need a book.

    "How do I create [complex thing X]" usually means that the asker has a serious lack of the required skills because they have no idea how to even start. The fact that you're mentioning your hosting company also suggests this.

    So I'ma keep it short: spend a few months / years learning JS and how to use a library like fabric.js or Three.js, or hire a pro.

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