What is the medium (two-part question)?

Trying to find the medium:

a. 59

b. 61

c. 66

d. 68

e. 72

Additionally: What are the lower and upper quartiles?

a. 61 inches and 66 inches

b. 59 and 72 inches

c. 66 and 68 inches

d. 61 and 68 inches

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  • Pope
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    4 months ago
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    The medium would be someone who calls herself Madame Zolov or some such, and contacts deceased loved ones. Generally she will complain that the reading is cloudy, but the the loved ones tell her to tell you to give more money to Madame Zolov.

    The median is the value indicated by the interior line segment of the box-and-whiskers. The median is 66 in your diagram.

    The lower and upper quartiles are indicated by the lower and upper extremes of the box. Here they are 61 and 68, respectively.

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  • David
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    4 months ago

    The are options c and d respectively and the outliers are 59 and 72

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