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Do you have nystagmus? Are you tasking meds for it?

If so what are the names of the meds and do they do any good? I need something to mention to my Doctor who doesn't seem to know medfs are being used for the condition.

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    first of all, Nystagmus is a condition and not a diagnosis per say, and it is associated to a number of illnesses.. some are genetics, being passed down from parent(s) to the child.. some are related to current medications we take, like Lithium and anti-convulsion meds.. some are related to consuming Alcohol and recreational (often illegal) drugs.. and some are related to eye-problems (such as cataract and Strabismus) of which an Ophthalmologist (an eye doctor) should take a look at..

    to be honest, it is really dangerous to recommend a medication without a proper diagnosis or a working diagnosis.. the best thing i can do is to recommend you to stop consuming alcohol and to stop taking recreational drug, if any..

    it is possible that your doctor has taken a blood sample for investigation and waiting for the results -- to test for multiple sclerosis MS and for Meniere's disease that can be associated with Nystagmus.. and if the blood shows no problems, the next step may involve MRI of the brain to detect un-diagnosed stroke or some sort of rare brain disease..

    doctors all around the world, often take slow steps in making diagnosis.. based on history and physical examination, they often test for common illnesses before considering the rare ones, like Meniere's disease.. and they often recommend cheap and simple tests (like most blood investigations) before recommending the more expensive tests such as MRI..

    many medical conditions are associates with Nystagmus -- many do not fall under Ophthalmology (under the eye department).. you are of course within your rights to request a second opinion (if your insurance allows it), but it is always a good idea to get a referral letter.. this way, your next doctor(s) would not re-start the investigations from square one..

    again.. before you go around seeking second opinions and shopping for better doctors, always try to get a referral letter from the first doctor.. (and also check if your insurance would allow it or that you can afford it)..



    good luck and all the best..

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  • Tulip
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    3 months ago

    There are no meds for eye muscle issues

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