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What is wrong with my mom?

So I am a black male in my early 20s and my mom is black in her mid-60s.  

* My mom says things to me like if I ever get a date don't bring any white women in the house, which I have told her plenty of times I am not interested in dating anyone. 

* I once mentioned that I wanted to straighten my hair a bit and she was like why do you want to be white?  

* And then the other day we were watching a movie and the guy from the movie "get out" was in the movie and he had a friend in the movie that was a white female and she made a "joke" saying he hasn't learned from get out yet? but she has never even seen get out. 

And she is like always on her phone talking to her friends saying racist things and she also has rude racist conversations with my cousin that also thinks like her. I have told my mom plenty of times that I do not care for what she says and to not talk to me about things like that and she says ok and says she won't and that she respects me on it, but then she continues to do it again. 

Like if I have a video game character on my pc, watching a movie, or even talking to a person out in public she will then come to me after and says things to the point of "who is that white person you were talking to or on your screen?". Or if I listen to music she goes like why are you always listening to white people, and it for me has nothing to do with race at all and most of the artists that I like are generally white.

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    Everyone is racist. EVERY-ONE, black and white. your mom is racist. Because of her upbringing, her environment, habits, who knows?

    You can continue to bring it up, asking her why she's so racist. idk if it will help or not.

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  • 2 months ago

    Don't be angry towards your mom. The famous Mr. T (an awesome man who I look up to) was raised in a single-parent home by his mother. he had many brothers and sisters. I don't remember how many he said he has. He spoke of a time when they had to hide from the violences of hate crime. Please, don't blame your mom.

    In the late 80's and in the 90's when your mom was in her late 20's or in her 30's there was a lot of hate crime among the people in those days. Some of those haters were being raised to believe that there is only one true color. The haters' victims of the older generations were raising their little ones to not trust white people whether they hate or help. They were raising to keep alive the idea that one color shouldn't mix with another color. Both colors were showing things that would support their reasons for hating or not trusting. They weren't showing those things which might be devastating to their primary goals in raising their young. It stems from the slavery days, then the segregation days, then from the KKK Hate.

    Slavery should've never happened. The north went to Africa and told them they would have everything they would need including money and jobs and homes and transportation, etc. They told them that so they could get them here. Once they were here and got off the boats, the north sold them to the south as property. Some of the buyers would buy then set them free and help them stay safe, even by making the land they owned into a safe haven for those people the north sold as property. That's what my ancestors did. Other of my ancestors were the type of slave-owner who were being taught about in the U.S. History classroom.

    The KKK didn't begin as hate group. It's original founding cause was in defense of women and children of all color. I hate what the KKK has become. I been called a savage(I'm mostly Cherokee), a n*** (I have African-American ancestors),  a ***-lover (I have always helped protect and defend all of Gods children from injustices done to the people), every racial derogatory name...I been called it. I even been called a foolish jew (I am christian).

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    • Kevin2 months agoReport

      i been called a jesus freak, a bible thumper, even a snake handler...i never handled snake in such a way as to seal my fate. The Good Book says, "Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God"

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  • 2 months ago

    old people are racists...I don't know what else to tell ya

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It’s your Mom, ask her. We don’t know her life story

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