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Why were nobody complaining about storm being played by a mixed woman?

Yet complained when spiderman was black on into the spider-verse storm isn't mixed in the comics she's black.

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    Dude, this is a WHOOOOOLE kettle of fish.

    First of all, people have been complaining about Storm's portrayal by Halle Berry since forever.  I don't know anybody who watched the more recent ones with Alexandra Shipp and haven't heard any complaints, but if you know anything about the history of black America you know that odds are that Storm probably IS in fact, mixed.  But nobody cares.  The actress looks like she's in the ballpark of how Storm was drawn and that's all anybody cares about.

    With Spider-Man, you're talking about replacing a character (Peter Parker) with another character (Miles Morales) purely for the sake of virtue signaling.  It dilutes the Peter Parker character by turning Spider-Man into a mantle that can be casually passed from character to character.

    Nobody mind that there is a superhero named Miles Morales or even that he's a spinoff of Spider-Man.  If he were Spider-Boy or named after a specific Spider or WHATEVER, he would be his own thing.  It's that Marvel is trying to leech off of one of their most beloved figures and franchise him that fans find annoying.  Because these are stories about characters we grew up loving. 

    It's less about Morales being black/Hispanic and more about trying to duplicate/disrespect Peter Parker.  At least for me it is.  You see, I stopped collecting Spider-Man comics during something called the Spider-Clone Saga.  This was an attempt by Marvel to claim that Peter Parker had not been Peter Parker since the 70s, but instead was a clone of the real Peter Parker who suddenly returned thinking he was the clone and went by the name Ben (in honor of Uncle Ben).

    This was a storyline that shat all over the Peter Parker character, indeed having him punch Mary Jane in a fit of crazy.  That storyline caused me to quit Marvel because I saw that they didn't respect the characters I grew up loving.  I found out about Miles Morales through secondhand sources and it was just more confirmation that Marvel doesn't really have people in charge who care about these characters. 

    • Spider-Man has had many fan hated stories (Clone Saga, Past Sins, One More Day), but I thought The Death of Ultimate Spider-Man was handled very well. The cover art, with Peter and Uncle Ben, was pretty poignant. 

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    Spider-man is a white guy so it was shocking to people who don’t know about Miles when that movie was made. Storm’s actress looks black so that’s good enough for most people. Also, the new xmen movies are bad. 

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