Is there a website where you can buy foreign currency at exchange rate prices and not collectors prices ?

Ok ladies and gentlemen this is gonna be a difficult one. 

So i’m a foreign currency collector and what I like to do for example is pick a country we’ll say the USA and get one of every current banknote from that country. The issue I’ve been having is say i’m trying to get one of every note from Afghanistan my local currency’s exchange place won’t have any from there and I can’t order them in because they don’t take denomination specific orders which means I could end up with any notes  which isn’t is what I need.Now when I go online to find Afghanistan banknotes to buy I can find heaps but the issue is they are charging ridiculous prices For example if I want to buy a 1,000 Afghans banknote by today’s exchange rate it  should be costing me $19.58  But these website would be charging $30-35 .So what I want to know is there a website out there where I can order specific banknotes from country’s  for example I can order a $1 $2 $5 $10, $20, $50 and $100 usa banknotes and be charged exchange rate rather than ridiculous collectors prices Any help would be extramarital appreciated 

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