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Am I doing wrong?

I am 26 and the girl I am dating is 19. I asked her to marry me and she says she cannot as she is just 19 and she has to do a lot in life. Well I have no problems with her trying to peruse her dreams and I told her that I will be a constant support. But somehow we agreed that we will not marry, but we are still dating and I feel it will be hard for me to marry someone else in future because I love her so much. Am I doing wrong dating her right now? what should I do? 

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    Keep seeing her and find out what happens later. Why would you be wrong dating her right now? Is there some huge rush for you to get to the alter or what?

    • No actually I was feeling if she will not be with me in future, I better be going away right now. Otherwise it will be harder for me to go away if I will spend more time with th. At the moment, I am just afraid of going away from her

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