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Did I blew my chance ? ?

I work with my crush, at first we worked in different departments, every time he would come over we would be starting at each other and the freaking chemistry was unreal. Recently I was transferred to his department, And we run into each other a lot I can tell we are both super shy probably because we been crushing for so long, Today for the first time we talked a little bit on the hallway just us and I was so happy. Then after work, I got off late. I was walking to the parking lot its like 0.3 miles away from the Job we usually take a shuttle, but I didn't today I was frustrated after a long day at work and I was talking with a friend venting about a issue in not so proper manner. I might have cursed a little bit and speaking intensively and Guess what I walk the corner and he is there doing something in his car, he was not expecting me to be there and I sure as hell wasn't expecting him to be there. And we looked at each other we locked eyes and he looked away **** I probably blew it, He's probably thinking she's not the sweet girl like I thought she was lol he probably thinks I'm a psycho. Im petrified, I know we all have bad days and vent with friends and family but he doesn't even know me and thats the first thing he sees. he worst thing about it if I wouldn't have been having a heated conversation I might have been able to talk to him finally outside of work, since he's also above me at work and is not aloud to hit on the staff basically.

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    Is it just an impression you are concerned about? if yes, then you don't have to worried about it as you were being natural. As I can see its not even a proper start. You'd better relax and accept that this is you. Like a natural you and you don't have to change (even for a while) for this. You will have ample time to show that you are sweet. So don't worry

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