Would it still be unnecessary to do this?

At the end of an appointment, a seemingly harmless procedure so incredibly simple that's performed on everyone is done for the first time since you've been going to this practice. You notice on your way home and possibly for another hour that your stomach kinda hurt as a result of it. And the effect is common.

Would it be unnecessary to call them to give them this info?


But you may be unaware [at first] that plenty of other people felt this way.

Update 2:

Would it be unnecessary to inform them that your stomach hurt after that procedure?

Update 3:

Just say they had you drink something. It's something you never had before.

Update 4:

It's not food.

Update 5:

Or just go with it that it really was related to the routine procedure, ok?


Would it be unnecessary to let them know?

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  • 2 months ago
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    You managed to leave out the ENTIRE story. Based on your COMPLETE LACK of detail, we can't even GUESS if the sore stomach can possibly be related to the unspecified procedure.

    Your first 3 updates STILL leave out EVERYTHING that matters.

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