Why does my chest feel like I'm working out just standing up?

I'm 31 and live alone. I am quite sedentary with being out of work at the moment. Though when I'm doing dishes or cutting food on chopping board etc I feel like I'm working out with weights and have to bend down on my knees to get relief from the chest discomfort. My heart rate elevates anyway when I walk about because of gravity's though it shouldn't feel like I'm doing weights. I'm pretty young so heart disease should be out of the window etc. Help me thanks 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Because you are working out technically. Your heart is so use to you sitting down all the time that your heart doesn't have to work twice as hard when you're laying down or sitting. When you stand, you are asking for more demand from the heart and since it hasn't be use to walking about. The heart will have to build up like a work out to be able to do it without exhaustion. Start walking more. You're still young therefore your heart will be very receptive and bounce back if you walk daily. 

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