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why do I wish I had something that other people have, yet those same people still have personal issues?? is life all about perspective?

for example, my coworker has a wife and has a car, yet he deals with intense back pain and has a lot of anxiety at work. he even tells me he has days where he doesn't feel happy about himself.

I am single, live by myself without a car, but I feel lonely sometimes and wish I had somebody. yet I don't have physical problems and I don't have to deal with car insurance or relationship conflicts


I get anxiety as well, but his seems more intense than mine 

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  • amy
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    1 month ago

    Its called envy. You were raised with an unrealistic high expection for yourself. You see others that attain this and envy them.

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  • LP7
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    1 month ago

    Yes we tend to compare our own lives with other people in order to justify our  choices and actions.It is about perspective and perception.The greater the clarity the easier it is to perceive the real truth about anything and everything to do with our own life.We project onto others what we perceive as real.But it is through a muddy/cloudy filter we developed since childhood(conditioning).If we could wipe it clean to see what is really going on, life wouldn't be so bad personally.Still,we see enough to be responsible for our own actions and hopefully learn from them.I don't know how old you are but you are doing great asking important questions like this.Keep your life simple and take on what you know you can handle not what society "expects" of you.Sometimes it's better to be alone than in a hellish relationship, suffering depression, violence abuse etc.Getting anxious is fairly normal for us all because we are unsure of decision making and general security issues.When you find yourself getting anxious about something take a few slow long deep breaths.Clear your mind.Because the heart rate goes up and oxygen levels go down and nervous system runs into overdrive.So try and keep things level as much as.

    During the day take those quiet deep breaths and night before sleep, relax and do the same.Even thinking about flying across the ocean waves is relaxing and helps you to drift off to sleep.Also meditation helps.Been around for centuries.

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