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Do marvel and DC comics tend to be more deep than the movies?

Marvel movies in particular just tend to be basic and rehashes. Do the comics have more twists and turns and deeper stories? I know there's 100s of issues

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  • Marvel is a great comic company, I agree. 

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    5 months ago

    Over time, sure.  The comics, being ongoing series, have more time to explore the characters and get into subplots and psychological development.  Take something like the recent Xmen movie.  It's two hours long or whatever.  The storyline in the comics on which it's, loosely, based ran for almost a year.  In the comics many of these characters have extensive histories and backstory.  So, for example, I don't think that the movies even really touched on Tony Stark's alcoholism, which was a major plotline for him in the 80s.  In general, movies, and sometimes tv shows, will streamline the stories and characters of print material that they're based on.

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  • 5 months ago

    The older comics were way deeper than any movies today. Newer comics aren't bad either, but the older ones were really intense.

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  • 5 months ago

    It varies.  It varies ALOT.  

    Comics has always been a bit of a ghetto medium.  If you're a really great writer, you're probably writing novels and making a lot more money than you could ever make in comics.  Stan Lee, the most famous comics writer of all, made most of his money AFTER he stopped writing comics.  Things are better now than they were in Stan's day, but only a select handful really make bank.

    But that's not to say there haven't been good writers and good stories.  There are.  But there's also a HUUUUGE ton of garbage that those diamonds are sitting in.  Definitely don't pick a title and read EVERYTHING.  As tempting as that is, the constantly changing creative staff means quality fluctuates wildly.  It's better to identify authors you like and find their work wherever they go.

    You asked if the movies are rehashes of comics stories and the answer is very much 'no'.  While things like Civil War and Infinity War strongly echo themes from the comics, the unfolding of these stories is VERY different.  The movies are creating their own continuity with these characters.  In the MCU, this has mostly been a good thing.  In the X-Universe for FOX, it's mostly been bad.  The Dark Phoenix Saga is one of the most universally beloved and respected story arcs in comics history...and Fox has RUINED IT....TWICE.  

    Now, I feel for them because it must be SOOO tempting to use the most famous storyline from the comics in your movies.  But part of what made Dark Phoenix so good is that it took it's time and played out over years of us getting to love Jean & Scott's characters before introducing the pathos the DP involves in the descent to darkness.  That requires patience and talent to play something out over years like that.  Kevin Feige at MCU showed he has that patience with Thanos.  Fox did not.

    So my recommendation is to decide on specific famous story arcs and from that decide what authors you like and seek their work out.  Also, take advantage of trade paperback collections of issues rather than buying issues themselves.  It's cheaper.  It can be confusing because sometimes publishers don't collect these things intelligently, but you'll save a lot of money over trying to buy in demand back issues.

    • The House of Very Good Ideas. 1 of 12. ...
      Days of Future Past. 2 of 12. ...
      Annihilation. 3 of 12. ...
      The Coming of Galactus. 4 of 12. ...
      Daredevil: Born Again. 5 of 12. ...
      Secret Wars. 6 of 12. ...
      Age of Apocalypse. 7 of 12. ...
      Civil War. 8 of 12.....

      Are those good story arcs?

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  • 5 months ago

    Older ones were. Modern ones much less so. The quality of writing has declined massively in the past few years.

    Thats why the movies rehash older stories, because those are the better written ones.

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  • 5 months ago


    There are certainly hidden gems, but most comic stories from DC and Marvel are average and predictable, making heavy use of cliches, formulas, and tropes.

    Certain writers, like Alan Moore, do make an effort to write more complex stories, but most writers prefer to create pulpy stories due to the deadlines to write a comic issue per month.

    They are enjoyable if you don't have high expectations. 

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    • Rebel With A Cause
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      5 months agoReport

      Yes, plenty. There are some published by DC/Marvel, and some with original characters. I recently read the prose novel Batman: Nightwalker. 

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Comics are comics, written for kids. Shakespeare they ain't.

    The movies are for the people who read those comics and for people who enjoy mindless escapism. I believe everyone enjoys a little mindless escapism once in a while.

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