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how to leave youtube "Great Britain" mode?

I'm in the us. I'm not quite sure why i'm in "gb" youtube, how I entered it, or what exactly the difference is between american youtube and great Britain YouTube, but there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to leave?

I've got a roaming vpn that switches randomly every 6 hours, but always to US IPs. Changing the vpn to a different vpn and reloading YouTube doesn't fix the problem, nor does turning the vpn off. I only have this problem on my desktop pc, the same google account on my phone and laptop is not in gb youtube. I've also got youtube premium, if that matters.

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    If you are logged in when you open, log out.

    Right next to where it requests you, then, to sign in are three vertical dots.  Click on the dots to open a new dialog.  Click on the arrow next to where it says Location, and choose United States from the drop down list.

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