What PS4 games would I like? What should I play next?

Hi people of the internet. I'm having trouble deciding what game to play next. I'd appreciate some guidance but NO SPOILERS please. What games would I like?

Previous gaming history:

- I LOVE the spider man PS4 game (that's what really got me into gaming)

- I've played detroit become human and subnautica (still working on subnautica so no spoilers) and adore them both

- On my laptop I play undertale, sims 4 and minecraft (last two are cringe-y to many gamers I know but I still love them)

- I've just bought Prey which I love though I'm still working on actually being good at the game


- I'm looking for PS4 games

- I'm not extremely fussed about graphics, despite absolutely appreciating them when they are there and finding them BEAUTIFUL (so yeah I like good graphics but the "fun-ness" of the game is more important to me

- I hate games like fortnite which have absolutely NO story (I like games to have at least some storyline OR an opportunity to create one (like in sandbox games like minecraft or sims) SO DO NOT SUGGEST GAMES LIKE FORTNITE

- I'm a teen that's old enough for the mature sticker on games to not exclude me (I'm 17+) so I'm okay with blood, gore, violence, language, drugs, sexual themes etc. but would prefer any game I play to not be mainly sexual (I'm okay with those themes but don't want them to make up the whole game)

I don't know if anyone will see this but if you do, thanks for any input :D

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  • 5 months ago
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    Do you like RPGs?  Try Dragon Quest XI.

    I've played every DQ that has been available in North  America and this is my favorite.  Great story.  It took me about 120 hours to go through the full story (credits roll for the second time).

    I did play the Switch version which has content that doesn't exist in the PS4 version, so it shouldn't take you as long to play through it as there are fewer quests to get through.

    • M5 months agoReport

      I do like RPGs! Thanks for the suggestion. I love things with a great story so it might be cool. You're the only person who suggested an actual game lol :D

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  • 5 months ago

    i think you should play whatever you want to play

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  • Pearl
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    5 months ago

    i think you should play whatever you want to play

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