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I want an Xbox One but my Xbox 360 works just fine?

I currently have an Xbox 360, the only console in my home, and we're going shopping next weekend at the mall. I was wanting to get an Xbox One and give my 360 to my sisters who constantly complain that I keep it. Though Xbox One's (The ones I've seen online) are incredibly expensive, around $150. It isn't my money and we obviously have more than that, almost $10,000 actually, but we aren't doing so great with money and don't want to spend more than I want to with my dads money. Can someone help me with things like the pro's and con's of buying it?


1. Sisters won't beg to watch Youtube or play video games

2. Better console

3. More available games to play


1. Expensive

2. I'll feel bad about spending so much money that I didnt earn myself.

3. I've almost never played on an Xbox One and don't know how to control it much


Extra: The money we're getting is from taxes, and our dad is letting us spend money at the mall because we're the reason he gets so much, according to him. 

Thank you to anyone who helps my small dilemma.

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    Have a second choice just in case but ask your dad. If he's giving you a treat from his 'free money' he just might be that generous. He might say no, but you're guaranteed not to get it if you don't ask for it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Your dad is a dumbazz for letting you spend money which he should be saving for his retirement. The reason he's getting a refund is because he is a dumbazz and hasn't adjusted his W-4 so that he stops giving the Government an interest-free loan.

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  • 1 month ago

    And, your question is?

    Wait for the next gen consoles that will be released in late 2020.

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    • llaffer
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      If $150 is "too expensive", do you really think he'll be wanting to spend $400-$500 this fall?

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