Vintage silverware set appraisal? 1970 ?

Copy and paste "Donald Colflesh Sterling, circa 1970 Coffee and Tea Service for Gorham" it comes up on Google but cant get a solid answer to how much it's worth. 

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  • 1 month ago

    You won't get a "solid answer" for what it's worth.

    Silver isn't especially valuable unless it's a rare piece by a famous maker. Any jeweller will buy it from you at scrap value prices.

    It's only "worth" what someone will give you for it.

    Take it to 3 jewellers and get it insured for the highest figure you get.

    I wouldn't want that in my house.

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  • 1 month ago

    Friends there is no preset appraisal on silver. The market rises and falls each day you can take a weight reading and multiply that by the daily price of silver and add about $100 on top of that and that will tell you what you can expect to get for your silver article at an estate auction or other vintage auction.

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  • 1 month ago

    You won’t get a reliable online valuation because prices vary worldwide and depends immensely upon condition, and photos aren’t good enough for that.

    Take the set to an auction house specialising in silverware or to a jeweller/silversmith. 

    The latter WILL usually charge for a valuation, but that’s because they will also give three different valuations: Insurance, Probate, and Retail. Insurance valuations are highest and estimate what the set would typically cost to replace if lost for any reason. Probate valuations are lowest and estimate what the set would fetch at the lower end of pricing if sold at auction: low valuations can reduce death taxes. Retail just estimates what the set would typically be sold for by a retailer. Auction houses will give you an estimate of a typical selling price at auction, and they’ll tell you what percentage they’ll take. They don’t usually charge for their estimate unless you want it in writing.

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