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Does David Ayres demonstrate that a lot of NHL players aren't much better than the better beer league guys?


It's kind of like how Bobby Jones could take a few days off work to school pros at Augusta. 

Update 2:

...or maybe Hobie Baker staying amateur because he didn't want people to think he was some bum who needed the Habs money. 

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    No.  The guy isn't just some slouch from off the street. He's been the practice goalie for the Leafs and their AHL affiliate for 8 years. He faces shots from NHL players on a regular basis. There is an experienced local goalie at every NHL game just for these rare instances when both starter and backup go down in a game. Ayres could just as easily have suited up for Toronto in that game.

    Leafs coach had this to say: ''When the goalie switch happened, I talked to the team and said, 'If we don't change how we're playing, they don't even need a goalie. There're no chances, no shots, there's nothing happening.'''They didn't need a goaltender the way the game was going.''

    Ayres gave up goals on the first two shots, probably from nerves, but he settled down and the 'Canes stepped up to the task and gave him the defensive support he needed. He stopped all seven shots in the third period while Carolina totally outplayed Toronto.

  • No. He practices with an NHL team on a semi-regular basis so he's used to seeing NHL players shoot pucks. The worst NHLer (hell, the worst AHLer) is better than the best beer leaguer by a large margin.

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    No, it just demonstrates that the Leafs can't even beat their own zamboni driver. He actually wasn't even good enough for that so he was sent down to the AHL but still beat them. Now he is going to be called up to be the NHL zamboni driver. The rest of the Hurricanes were just dominating them anyways

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