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How can the Buffalo Sabres make the playoffs?

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    It won't be easy-

    They have two avenues in, which is a) snag the 3rd divisional spot or b) the final wc spot, those are two roads and only roads into the playoffs. If they want the divisional spot, they are fighting with 3 teams the rest of the way (Toronto, Florida, Montreal), so in that sense their competition isn't as fierce. If they want a wild card spot with 6 other teams (Islanders, Hurricanes, Jackets, Rangers, Panthers, Canadiens).

    Their easiest avenue is the 3rd divisional spot, less competition, and the teams they are fighting against are in their division! They play the Canadiens twice, Panthers once, and while they don't play the Leafs they do own the "tie breaker" due to the season series record,

    There's 20 games left, so ideally they would need to win at least 14 of those games (preferably in regulation), and pick up at least 1-2 OT points. A record of 14-4-2, that would put them at 96 points to end the season, given how shitty both the Leafs (pains me to say this as a leaf fan lol) and Panthers have been, that very well could just get the Sabres in.

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  • Basically run the table and hope that Florida, Tampa and Toronto go into a massive tailspin. Their odds are currently less than 5% of making the playoffs.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    the same way any other team can make them.

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