Irritable bladder...?

I’ve discovered on my own that I have an irritable bladder. I went to the doctor and they ruled out everything else. So basically I can only drink water and milk and some juices. Anything else and I have a sensation to urinate because my bladder gets irritated. So I can never drink soda, coffee, or tea ever again?! Is there a medication for this so I can drink coffee? I miss coffee. And soda once in a while. 

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  • 1 month ago

    I would give my bladder a break for awhile--then....Azo makes a med that helps (for uti pain)---but it will make your pee fluorescent orange yellow---and will stain everything....I wouldn't take it everyday-it isn't meant for that--but every once in awhile should be fine---I've also tried barley water and it is very soothing (helps with a UTI!)  boil pearl barley in water--strain and save the liquid--refrigerate--and drink  (if I were you I'd do this every day and see if I could get away with a cup in the morning.after giving it like a month of rest...)  

    (and of course you can try the non-caffeinated versions of those--caffeine is probably the culprit)

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  • Interesting Mayo Clinic page that suggests you get off of those liquids for a solid week to see if it actually makes a difference, then try bringing them back in one-by-one to see if each one actually does cause a problem. There are some other thoughts on the page as well  

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