My listings disappeared on Poshmark help?

Okay, so I recently started a poshmart in the hopes of selling a few things from my closet that I didn’t want anymore so I downloaded the app and listed 4 listings, all old vintage jackets. I described them all in detail and everything. Not a day goes by and they just randomly disappeared! I did NOT get any emails from poshmart saying anything about anybody reporting my listings or Poshmark taking them down for any reason. They just simply disappeared! I tried to search up on Google to see if anyone else has had this issue and so far there has been a few, their responses were either too Relist all the listings or go to (my size) and edit that. So I tried to relist all my listings but Poshmark won’t even let me do that! It said “please contact Poshmark assistance or try again later” so I tried again later and still nothing. I even deleted the app and re-downloaded it and still my listings are gone! I’m frustrated because there’s nowhere to go and I’ve contacted them twice and still haven’t gotten any response. Anything helps. Thank you 

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  • 1 month ago

    They gave you two options to now wait for their response.  They may think you are a scammer, based on your IP address or something like that.  

    We dont know whats going wait for their response. 

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