Do Sunnis also hate Shias because they are biased?

Shiaism is Shirk, I am confident about it. They are even rejecting Quran. What is cool about being Shia? Nothing, they are biased and racists and happy of it.

I have problem for my family were secretly Jews. Still, I follow Torah in Iran, but they want me not to follow Torah, and believe in Shirk. Torah is our covenant and I won't ever break it. Still, I hope Fair people support us, and fight bias..... There are not many such fair people who can help in Iran seemingly...


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  • Mintee
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    1 month ago

    sunnis dont hate shia just because... back before 1979 when the Sha incident occured ( look it up).... Sunni and s hia really didnt have any problems at all, they lived amongst each other, married into each others families and had virtually no problems... just the Iran problems started and stirred up all the conflicts we have today between the two

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