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Why did this driving thing happen?


So I was driving home from work on the freeway, in the far left lane (three lanes), and I was going 70 perhaps a little older and three cars were way behind me. Suddenly, as I was driving. Three decided to pull in front of me, almost abruptly, and that irated me, so I sped up so quickly and got in front three of them, though they were in different lanes. I then honked and stared back angrily. I saw the 2nd driver in far right lane and decided to get right in front of them. Why did they do this?

Update 2:

perhaps a little faster * and it is broad daylight where I am, I am sure they all got the mssage, but what were their problems? If they wanted to get in front of me, they could have done it earlier and without being abrupt about it.

Update 3:

Please understand, I am a cautious driver, I know there are rules and I try to obey them at all times, I was way out of line, I should not have acted the way I did, but it just seemed like a "what?" moment, so sudden. I probably misinterpreted their actions, and it is not as if they got RIGHT in front of me, but it was almost as if I was going too slow. I was not even going slow (I was going 70, perhaps a bit over) and they were WAY behind me.

Update 4:

O-k, here is what happened before I acted irresponsibly, which was entirely on me. The third car kept ahead. The first went into the second lane, mind you the first did not even signal, pickup of course. The second did, and decided to merge over then into the third lane, because of an oncoming ramp. I doubt all three had the same intent thinking back on it. They were just either in a hurry or wanted to merge, but the cars in other lanes kept them from doing so, so they decided to get ahead me.

Update 5:

Final update: I talked it over with my folks, and I think I understand what actually happened. We were driving on a freeway in a part where semis exit onto it, and a semi was in the middle lane. It is quite possible the two cars who moved in front of me first wanted to avoid the semi, they both moved over in front of the semi after going in front of me. It is most likely had nothing to do with me. As I said, the second car then moved to the third lane to get onto an exit. Shameful overreaction.

Update 6:

Sorry for all the updates, but I'm so sick and tired of the judgmental answers. How I responded was irresponsible and it put not only my life at risk, but the life of others at risk too, but please understand that we are all only human, we all make mistakes. No one is a perfect driver. I make mistakes and this was one of them, and I know all of you have made several too, but please understand I felt that this was personal, it was not I know that now, but it felt that way. You don't even know me!

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     I don't know but don't play games while driving.  If someone wants to be a jerk, pull over to the right and let them go by.  It's not worth your life to get even with someone.  

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    What idiot gave Joshua a like? His answer was very rude. Thankfully I reported it!

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    "Please understand, I am a cautious driver. . ."  No, you're not.  If they wanted to pass you, you should have moved over and let them pass and continue on your merry way without giving it a second thought.  Instead you escalated the situation by speeding up, honking and giving them a "How dare you get ahead of me" look.  

    You just had your Road Rage incident, and it's still eating you inside, else why did you post multiple updates?  Bet you that if you measured your blood pressure not, it would still be higher than normal.  Meantime, the driver who cut you off forgot all about it and his/her pressure is normal.  

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    • Perhaps if you said, 'I understand your frustation, but that was unjustified behavior. I do not know why they did that, but looking at the updates, I can understand more about it now. We all make mistakes, but we should not let our emotions get the best of us.' That would have been so much better!

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    With the limited one-sided information, it sounds to me like you're an irresponsible young hot head who thinks he owns the road.  The #1 lane (far left) on a freeway is for passing.  It doesn't matter if you're going 100MPH.  If you aren't passing someone, and especially if someone is trying to go faster than you, you need to get over.  It's possible you misinterpreted their actions, as young hot headed know it all drivers often do, or they could have the same attitude as you.  The combination of the two of you on the road interacting is what gets others killed.

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