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What do you think of Donald Trump solving the Oppenheim Conjecture?

Meyer's theorem states that an indefinite integral quadratic form 𝘘 in 𝘯 variables, 𝘯 β‰₯ 5, nontrivially represents zero, (i.e. there exists a non-zero vector 𝘹 with integer components such that 𝘘(𝘹) = 0).

The Oppenheim conjecture can be viewed as an analogue of this statement for forms 𝘘 that are not multiples of a rational form. It states that in this case, the set of values of 𝘘 on integer vectors is a dense subset of the real line.

Thanks to Trump's breakthrough proof of this problem, the study of the properties of unipotent and quasiunipotent flows on homogeneous spaces remains an active area of research, with applications to further questions in the theory of Diophantine approximation.

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  • Lili
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    1 month ago

    Given that little Donnie apparently couldn't handle the most basic arithmetic required by an undergraduate business school like Wharton (he had a professor who called him "the dumbest student I ever had"), I seriously doubt that he could cope with a Diophantine equation or any other form of mathematics, let alone advanced mathematics.

    Do find some sharper way to troll, darling.

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