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What do Koreans think when their women married to foreigners ?

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    Many Korean women are attracted to the idea of being with a foreigner for obvious reasons. Firstly, because many Korean men are very traditional. They have very rigid opinions and a very set idea of what a relationship ought to be like. They expect certain things from a woman, and foreigners have different expectations. Secondly, Korean men are high stress and high maintenance, so it's not easy being married to one. Korean men expect their wives to wait on them hand and foot. They want their breakfast ready and their shirts pressed and their demands can be too much for some Korean women. Not to mention that Korean men are notoriously attached to their mothers, and when you marry a Korean man, you marry his mother too. Korean mothers in law are infamous for being difficult to please, for complaining endlessly, and for being overly critical of their daughters in law - from housekeeping and cooking to the way they raise the kids, their criticisms know no bounds and it becomes a lot to take. 

    Why wouldn't Korean women want to marry a foreigner? They generally lead much less stressful lives because foreigners don't get sucked into the mentality that life is a competition, they don't care about saving face, they don't put in 60 hour weeks and take 5 vacation days a year, they don't let their mothers run their lives until they're well into middle age, and they don't expect their wives to be their servants. 

    What does Korean society on the whole think about Korean women marrying foreigners? Well, they don't have much choice but to come around to the idea really. With the declining birth rate, there are fewer options. There simply aren't enough men to go around and a great deal of the available men are undesirable because they're uneducated underachievers. Korean women marry Western men, but Korean men marry Southeast Asian women because girls from Cambodia and Vietnam and The Philippines see coming to live in Korea like winning the lottery, even if their husband is an ignorant rice farmer who's in the bottom 10% of society. 

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