Why is my water dragon so lethargic?

I picked up my water dragon about 4 days ago and the first day I got him he was very active and also very skidding. He is about 12 to 13 inches long including his/her tail ( not sure if Male or female). But from the second day on it has been acting very lethargic. Not moving around day or night, constantly laying in one place with its eyes closed, doesn't appear to be eating or drinking, and is getting harder and harder to wake up. The tank is at about 85 during the day and about 78 at night. I constantly mist the tank (about 3-4 times daily) to keep the humidity above 60% due to it being fairly dry where I live. It squirms around a lot if I try to handle it but other than that it rarely moves. It was housed with another dragon before I got it so could it be depressed or alone? It hasn't seemed to investigate it's new home much either.

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