How can they tell I didn't use my blinker to switch Lanes under 100 feet?

So I'm needing help to figure out what to do. I was pulled over about a month or so back for failure to signal 100 feet before I turned. Well I went to court today because I plead not guilty and as I set down in the municipal Court room with only the judge and i. I asked him if he had seen the video of the traffic stop and he replied that he had not. Well he began to play back the video and it would not play on the computer in front of him and i. With his next response was that he is giving me 60 days to pay the ticket then changed it to reschedule it 30 days from now for court I asked if there is something different we could do because I am 90 % sure I used my blinker well after the 100 feet. He told me that more less no we are going to go ahead and assume I'm guilty. I've been pulled over countless times this past year for the same thing for them to search my vehicle and come up with nothing found. The police officer didn't tell me what I was being pulled over for or even why I had to step out and be detained for this search. What can I do to prove I'm innocent when the judge is set on me being guilty without even seeing the video or whatever. Please help.

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    Most traffic tickets have no video, if the officer stated you did not have your blinker on, the judge is going to believe it, Nothing you can do but pay it

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    The video may not provide adequate frame of it will be the officers word on the matter.  Its a traffic its not like the same rules apply as though you were going to jail.  

    Why do you keep getting pulled it just DWB?  If so, sorry for that.  See if there are things you can do to make yourself less of a target.  

    When a cop approaches your vehicle, open the rear windows (if tinted)...thats a big one.  Tell them you were hanging out with an old cop buddy and he mentioned thats one of the scariest parts of his job, wondering if there is someone in the backseat ready to shoot.  Start off the conversation trying to make them feel more comfortable and things tend to go better.  

    All of that said, if you really want to fight, tell them the video is inconclusive and you would like to hear testimony from the officer.  Its going to be a waste of time when the cop shows and you'll also piss off the cop who pulled you over...who probably works your neighborhood.  It is possible the cop doesnt show and you'll win the case.  I'm not sure about your job, but it wouldnt be worth it for me to fight this one too hard.  

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      Man I live out of town and when I come drop off my daughter to her mother I get followed I have a scanner and can hear them run everything before I'm pulled over and hear him tell the dispatch that he is looking for a probable cause to pull me over what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

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