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Astrology people only!! ?

I’m born on October 23rd. 

I’m on the “cusp” of Libra/Scorpio for my sun sign, and I can truly say I am 50/50 within both of those signs personality wise. 

I have the “people pleaser” trait and balance of a air sign Libra, yet I’m super intense and emotional as a Scorpio. I truly adapt more of the Scorpio side but Libra traits are definitely accurate. 

For astrologist that understand how signs work: my moon is in Leo and my rising sign is in Sagittarius.

 This truly makes sense to me, because my mother and both my grandmas are those signs individually.

Not matter who is in my life, or who even cares I put aside and distance myself. I didn’t believe in astrology until I noticed EVERY person family OR Friend wise that came into my life born in between May 20th-June 20th (Gemini) legibly try to **** up my Life! I done passed this before, but I’m truly believing this trait thing because In the 30 years I’ve lived, EVERY person I have ever come to bad terms with or always hated on me

When I do good deeds is Gemini? it’s a pattern and 90% the ones causing problems in my life FRIENDS OR FAMILY ok. Speaking as a whole from experience. 

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    Astrology has nothing to do with personal finance. Perhaps you should move it to "myths" or fairy tales".  Its total and complete nonsense.

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