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How am I supposed to play sims4 without having to log into ***** Origion?

I installed and registered and clicked do not run with origion in the past. But once I unplug and start from A again, it ***** with me. It forces me to log into origin despite not having wifi. I have to walk 5 miles for wifi


The sims ans other EA games are not online games. 

Update 2:

You know what, Origion can suck my &!_!&; because I'm playing a much better and simpler game than sims. 

Update 3:

Origion and the sims should be burned and thrown in the trash where it should be

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    ...You are aware there's an OFFLINE MODE for Origin, right?

    Once you get logged into Origin & get all the updates for The Sims 4, you can go to Origin -> Go Offline to engage "Offline Mode".

    Offline Mode allows you to play the games you have installed WITHOUT internet access.  You will need to have launch the game for the first time online, just to make sure you have everything downloaded & install (which the internet connection will double-check & fix, if things aren't 100% OK).

    Once in offline mode, Origin will remain in offline mode, even if you fully close Origin.  While fully closing Origin (instead of leaving it minimized in the systems tray) will require you to log back in, this is done locally on your PC (you don't have to get online here).

    BONUS: Steam & uPlay has the same feature, so you can play all your games offline (excluding the games that have "always online DRM" measures).  Epic games does not have this feature at this time & Galaxy will never have an offline mode since all the games they sell are DRM-free (& work offline from the start).

    On a side note, you should RTFM on the platforms (exploring all options) before you start dissing developers & publishers, as you could have avoid this.  Being toxic towards the publisher will make them LESS LIKELY to make more games that you might like & excessive toxicity could get you barred from all EA's games & services (as recent news reports have shown that EA has permanently barred one user can could be considered "Lethally Toxic", as they were threatening individual employees of EA).  While you may not fully approve of all their actions & decisions, if you want to play their games, you have to abide by their EULA (or request a refund within 7 days of purchase or within 24 hours of your initial launch of the game, whichever occurs first).

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    This is one of the many reasons why I pirate games. Sure, it doesn't give me the "online" experience, but I really couldn't give two darns about that. At least my progress is always saved locally this way.

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