What are the best Freelance Art Network websites that are good to sign in for displaying your artwork and only want people to view it?

I'm asking this question because I want to know what is the best way that I could submit few samples of my artwork to be viewed by people where photos of my artwork is secure and safe where no one can claim it to be theirs? I also would like to know if  I have a strong interest in creating realistic drawing of images on a person,still-life or something of nature that are attractive or interesting to represented to enhance the beauty of the ok mage rather than tell a story. I only paint rarely. I like illustration for representation but not so much in to tell a story. What art area is best suited for my desired interest?If anyone knows and can offer some good advice I would appreciate it! Thanks you for time!


I'm not sure about how I would do the computer part of it. I just recently submitted few photos of my artwork into the Freelance Social Network for others to view my work or comment. I want to know if this Freelance Social Network is a safe and secure website about artwork from people like myself who submitted this of our work to it would be protected if we display or show it to the public to be viewed?! That's all! If anyone has a better answer than the first please feel free to respond! Thanks

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  • 1 month ago

    The good news is that your art is copyright protected as soon as you create it, and that people very rarely take your art to claim it as their own.

    The bad news is that the moment you upload your art to the internet, it isn't safe. Many people either don't understand or just don't care about copyright, and if they like your art will simply download it and use it as they please.

    You can make it more difficult for them by posting on websites that don't allow right clicks, or you can add a watermark, but there are ways to work around that with screen shots and photo editing programs, and to be honest, many don't even care that the watermark is there.

    Most websites that you upload your art to will not go through the trouble of making it difficult for the thieves, because it's too much trouble, and if the thieves really want the images, they're going to steal them anyway.

    One thing you should do, though, is to upload in low resolution for website viewing only. This way you'll minimize the risk of people taking your art to make posters, T-Shirts, mugs, bed sheet prints etc. because the resolution will be too low for quality printing.

    Having art used without your permission is just one of those things you need to be prepared for if you upload online. What I do is to do a reverse image search on my artwork here and then, and if I see it stolen and object to the way it's being used (e.g. commercially), I'll send a cease and desist email That usually does the trick, at least for the small fry thieves.

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  • 1 month ago

    Put a watermark on the image. This can be done in computer or by just getting a clear sheet of plastic printed with your name on it that goes diagonally over your scanned art work when you scan it.

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