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Identify this 1980s song?

It's one of those Euro New Wave groups (Tears for Fears or Information Society), all I remember is the hook that sounds like "all I really wanted, [pause, then more singing with backup vocals]" I remember the melody but I can't describe it. Any idea?


Not Head Over Heels, the music is more upbeat

Update 2:

But the singing is really similar to Head Over Heels. It might be a TFF song, but a lot of New Wave groups sounded similar

Update 3:

It's not Enjoy the Silence. I think the lead singer sounds closer to TFF

A little silly, but here's the vocal cadence of the hook, that includes the lyrics I posted:

(lead singer) ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum-bum, ba-ba-bumm ba-bumm (lead: backup vocals) ba-bummmmmm

Update 4:

The song probably has real or synth piano instruments or

 piano-like sounds, I can't remember exactly. 

And it's a single  that you would have heard on the radio

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  • Petter
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    1 month ago

    Hm, made me think of this one. It got that distinctive "All I EVER wanted, all I ever needed", but it's a 90's song if I'm not mistaken...

    Youtube thumbnail

    Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Head Over Heels, Tears for Fears, maybe? 😟

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