What is a good longbow for a beginner (adult male)?

Im interested in taking up archery. Ideally i would visit an outdoor activities centre where i could try different bows and learn there, but there are none available to me. I am a male in my 20s. I am interested in more traditional models of bows, i have no interest in compound bows, but I am not bothered what material the bow is made of. Also, i dont want to spend too much money on something im not sure I will like. Any suggestions on which kind of bow i should buy, or what website to buy it off? I would prefer it if the site was european based, irish if possible, but worldwide is fine too.

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  • Herman
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    1 month ago
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    I am not aware of any commercial company making crossbows but am sure

    you can find one made by a speciality maker. I started out using a recurve and never

    progressed any farther.  I  found a company in the UK that makes longbows, Simply called Longbow Shop and Pine Hollow Shop in Arkansas, US.  Googled 

    Longbow Makers and found quite a few. Good luck.

    • Thanks, good answer, i will check these out. Did you get your bow at one of these online shops? 

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  • Bob
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    1 month ago

    Learn what size, weight and draw length you want, then pick one out. recurves are very similar, but a little faster. It goes by your height and arm length, lookup bow sizing. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Try some of the hunting and outdoors stores, although most of them only carry compound bows and crossbows nowadays.

    For the more traditional ones, look up archery clubs in your area, but even simple bows are kind of complicated these days (not like when I was young, with very straight-forward bows)

    • Can you please read the question before answering? I said that there are no archery clubs in my area. I live in the middle of nowhere in a very small country. Believe it or not, not every country has everything the usa, germany, japan etc has.

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