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Why doesn't Apple make a modular computer for the mid range desktop?

I like the new Macpro but couldn't Apple also make ones with intel i9 chips and amd threadripper for the mid-tier guys?  I understand Xeons are for Pros but Apple could make even more profit if they made ones that's more affordable.


@Dick, Apple has compared the price with PC builds and the PC workstation costs more.  It does seem like Apple macpro seem ridiculously priced but to make them are expensive.  Apparently companies have been buying the new Macpro and were already sold out.  Also, before logic on the mac, it was on the PC only but Apple bought it from a German company and they made the program better.  Apple is good at taking existing product and making it better, that is innovation if you think about it.

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    The real answer to you dilemma is this: You seem to have an understand of computer technology so you'd most likely be easily able to build your own computer. Why is it so important to you to "buy and Apple"! There are only two things about an Apple computer that are really different than a pc. Those are (1) the Operating System and (2) the case has an apple stamped into the side panel. Apple buys all of their internal hardware from the same companies as pc manufacturers do so the CPU's, SSD's, HDD's, DVD's, RAM, etc. are all commercially available components. Apples prices are completely ridiculous compared to a Dell, or an HP with the same capabilities, and totally out of sight as compared to a computer that you build yourself. Get on Youtube and watch some videos about how to build a computer and you'll see just how easy it is. If an Apple is priced at say $1000 you can build a much better computer than the Apple for that same $1000 or you can build a very good computer for much less than the $1000 and pick one of the other operating systems. There was a time when there was an advantage to owning an Apple/Mac but those days are long gone. That advantage back when only really involved the fact that there were so few of them that nobody wrote malware/viruses for them so they were less apt to be infected. Not so any longer. I build and repair pc's as a side line and for the costs involved, I don't recommend Apple products to anyone. JMHO

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    Could you imagine spending $6000 dollars for a desktop? The pricing of the components are extremely inflated.

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