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(GeForce RTX) VS (GeForce GTX) ?

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    The RTX cards use a much larger GPU chip that has additional cluster of RT Cores for Ray Tracing and Tensor cores for Deep learning. The Tensor Cores are what's used if you play a Game and use the DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sample) option. The RTX chip will also have a larger number of Cuda cores, aka Shader Units. The Shader Units are what does most of the Graphics processing when gaming.

    As you might know, the 10-series cards do not have RT cores or Tensor cores. The higher end cards like the GTX 1070, GTX 1070ti, GTX 1080, GTX 1080ti, and the Titan cards based off of Pascal have a high number of Shader units which makes them able to compete with the RTX cards in Modern Gaming. In a few years, the RTX 20-series cards might have a significant advantage over the 10-series cards, but by then you should be able to get a next Generation mid-range Nvidia RTX card for a good price. 

    IMO, it makes no sense to buy an RTX 20-series cards for it's Ray Tracing capabilities since there aren't too many games that make use of Ray Tracing. By the time this happens, that line up of future cards will be better suited to handle Ray Tracing. Since the current lineup of RTX 20 series cards aren't that much better than the 10 series cards in modern gaming, I have opted to hold on to my 10 series cards for 1 more Generation. Hopefully the Ampere cards that are supposed to come out in the next 6 months fare better. 

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