Can I still catch herpes HSV-2 from someone who wasn’t having an outbreak?

Yesterday I had sex with a condom twice and WITHOUT a condom once out of pure impulsivity which I regret. 

The guy I slept with has herpes HSV-2 and has had it for 5 years. He told me that it isn’t possible to spread the virus whilst he isn’t having an outbreak. 

Is this true and if not, what are the chances that I will get the virus? I’m so scared that I will end up getting this, as I already suffer with my mental health too much and I wouldn’t be able to deal with this. 

We didn’t use a condom the last time and he ejaculated inside of me. He WAS NOT having an active outbreak. Is it possible for me to get infected?

Thank you

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    HPV has nothing to do with herpes and having herpes doesn't make you more likely to have HPV. I have herpes as well but I do not have HPV. HPV is genital warts. HSV is herpes. 

    He's kind of wrong. Herpes can be passed when there isn't any signs or symptoms, but it's less likely to be passed when some one is in between break outs. You should also know that herpes can be passed even if condoms are used, they don't protect all areas of the genitals that herpes can affect. 

    Herpes isn't always automatically passed on, and it's less likely to be passed when some one is in between break outs. So there's a chance that you may not get it, since he didn't have a break out at the time. With herpes it's difficult to say for sure because it's unpredictable. 

    Keep an eye on things. If you do get any signs or symptoms of a break out,  see a doctor and get it checked out. 

  • 3 months ago

    Since he has herpes, he could have HPV also and be a carrier with no symptoms.

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