Definition of "Tambus" ?

What does the word Tambus mean? I have came across it several times in the Cat and the Skull story in the Kull Exile of Atlantis by Robert E. Howard. Casual internet search didn't help. 

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    It's a copyrighted work, so I'm unwilling to click on the free copies online.

    The one excerpt that showed without going to a pirate website is "For they have their own tambus and they reck not of the tambus of the civilized races nor care they what may happen to Valusia..."

    This context suggests to me that the word tambus is author-invented and it might be something akin to a moral code or compass.

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      Thank you for your answer. 

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    A "tambus" is the cloth inner lining of the kind of primitive loincloth that many male fantasy characters of the early 20th Century wore. It "took care of business" when the protagonist was leaping around, fighting, and generally just "kept things in place". In the novel 'Conan Kills Lots of People With A Sword' the eponymous hero said "My tambus could do with a wash. It's been seven years, after all". Hope this helped.

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