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Are vehicles at risk of damage at a baseball game?

I know baseball stadiums vary in terms of design, location of parking lot in comparison to the field, and there can be quite a difference in the distance between your car and the field based on major league versus minor league stadiums.

But as a general rule, if one or more home runs are knocked out of the park during a game, what are the odds someone in the stadium will return to the parking lot to find a shattered windshield where the ball entered their car?

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  • martin
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    1 month ago

    Those odds are covered under the comprehensive part of an auto insurance policy. Odds are slim for that exact thing, however.

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  • 1 month ago

    It happens every once in a while, but most major league stadiums are big enough that even the longest home runs don't actually leave the stadium.

    Most places are "park at your own risk" so its the car owner's problem just like if a burglar had smashed a window - if they have comprehensive insurance it will cover the cost of repair, if not the car owner is paying out of pocket.Don't want to take that risk? Then don't park so close.

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  • 1 month ago

    Pretty slim.  A large majority of the cars aren't parked in other places than behind the OF fence where a HR would be hit.

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