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you think that happiness for the greatest number of people is the universal principle we should use to determine what is ethical? Why?

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    Not really. I think the people that deserve it should be happy. If ten percent of a population is kind and conscientious while the rest of the population is inconsiderate and harmful, the happiness of the minority should take precedence over that of the majority. 

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    “Ethics” has been described as “the study of questions about what is morally right and wrong. Really, God set the standards in the beginning for what is right and wrong. 

    For a long time, religion has generally dictated the ethical standards by which people live. God’s Word, the Bible, has been an influential force in many societies. However, a growing number of people worldwide have rejected the various religious standards as impractical and the Bible’s moral code as outdated. Instead of turning to religious sources, many seek the guidance of secular experts in ethical studies.

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    God determines what is ethical.

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  • P
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    It wasn't so good for Sodom & Gomorrah

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