why is this happening underneath my jaw?

i'm a male aged 42 and for weeks ive noticed when i look in the mirror, the pulse underneath my jaw, the fat underneath my jaw 'twitching', like my pulse twitching?

a little about me; i suffer with very bad nerves and an anxiety disorder, i take the antipsychotic 'ablify' for paranoia symptoms, been on ablify for years now......years ago, i acquired type 2 diabetes because of an unhealthy lifestyle but since the diagnosis, i put forth all my efforts into turning my life around, i went to swim at the gym when i could, watched my diet and got my blood sugar right down and lost nearly 3 stone in weight.....the nurse was very pleased at my last annual review check.

but this visible pulse twitching underneath my jaw, the skin/fat twitching, what could be causing it?  and how can it be stopped?   i'm a very vain person and don't like seeing this.

my doctor said i am safe to take ablify, even with my diabetes, as that was my initial concern, because of all the side effects listed in the drug....but the ablify has been helping my paranoia a lot....and the doctor said i should continue to take it and it will not harm me long term.

i would like to hear your thoughts on this pulse twitching underneath my jaw, what it means and how to cure it?

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  • 1 month ago

    From the symptoms you are describing to me here in this paragraph you're telling me about the symptoms a thyroid problem you have a thyroid problem that is causing you some mental problems also because of a chemical imbalance I'm not a medical doctor but they should be able to put two and two together here if your thyroid muscle is twitching and you're experiencing all these other symptoms they need to give you a thyroid test they might just find out that it's the cause of all your other symptoms.

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