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are these results a UTI? ?

i just got sent these results. no doctors are open rn, please if you know how to read urine results 

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    Looks like at least, a urinary tract infection. This test does not identify which bacteria, or what would be the most effective treatment.

    2+ ketones indicates you must be dieting, or certainly, not eating much over the past 1-2 days.

    2+ WBC esterase and 10-25 wbc's per HPF (high power field) is evidence for an infection. 

    The bladder wall will leak some red cells with infection., that is the 3-5 RBC's

    Few bacteria and Negative Nitrates is a bit unusual with a rip snorting UTI. 

    A culture and sensitivity is in order. 

    In my practice, I would put you on a medication such as Macrodantin, Sulfa or Cipro. while waiting for the culture and sensitivity.

    Source(s): Now retired Urgent Care/ER and Family practice mid-level provider.
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      Clear up the infection with antibiotics, then once you have a clean specimen, if your symptoms persist, see a urologist.

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  • 3 months ago

    If you have symptoms, yes. Assuming you collected it clean catch.

    • yes i just have frequent urinating 

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