Why does My Best friend only care about attention when we go out ?

I never had a friend like this in my life before. every time me and my best friend go out the only thing she care about is getting attention from guys. I always tell her we came out to enjoy ourselves and each other company not guys. She never listens if a guy tries to talk to me and she doesn’t get any attention she gets angry. She starts saying things like I must be ugly or always complaining about her outfit that made her not get attention. When she doesn’t get attention she claims her day has been a bad day, when a lot of guys do show her attention she gets so happy and will go home talking about it all day. I’m kinda getting annoyed it’s like she’s not used to attention. Or every time before we go out somewhere she always tells me I hope I get some attention today if I’m looking this good. I just smile at her and brush it off. Also every time I wear something nice she always stares deep in my eyes it’s kinda creepy. And she starts complaining saying things like omg I need to change my outfit it’s like she always one upping me or always want to look better then me. If I say I’m getting a new phone she gets a better phone. If I move into a nice home she tries to move in a bigger better home. If I get a job opportunity, she tries to get a better job. Also I notice she sometimes copies how I laugh or if I tell her something earlier in the day, later in that day she repeats the same words I said. It’s getting annoying what should I do? If I confront her she’ll get sensitive!

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  • 1 month ago

    I'd gradually let her drift out of your life. Don't always be available when she calls. Be busy when she wants to go out. Widen your circle of friends so that you can be with them instead of her. Childhood friendships often change during teen years and friends part company as the relationship gradually dies a natural death. No need to be unfriendly with her - just not so available all the time. Sounds like she's using you to boost her own ego by putting you down. Bit of a drama queen isn't she. Let her down gently.

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  • Alan H
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Switch friends.        

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